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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Your Own Meat Grinder

Do you love to eat sausages, meat balls, and patties? If you do, what if you can do all these and the other recipes at the comfort of your home? Isn’t that great? These are just among of the things which a meat grinder can do.


A meat grinder can let you grind any kinds of meat including chicken, pork, beef, as well as the meat of the deer and lamb. Before, you need to go to the supermarket and buy these. But now, there are many kinds of meat grinder for home use. You can even choose from electric or manual type. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should buy your own meat grinder:

  1. It can let you grind meat at the comfort of your home.

meat grinder for home use

If you have a meat grinder, it would be easier for you to grind your own meat. You will never need to go to the supermarket. You can do this anytime you want, especially if you have stocked some meat in your fridge. You can serve your kids delicious hamburgers for their snacks since you are free to make your own patties. If you have visitors, it would be easier for you to create different recipes which a meat grinder can do.

  1. You can select the meat that you want to grind.

As mentioned before, a meat grinder can grind almost all kinds of meat like chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and deer. Sometimes when you go to the supermarket, the available ground meat is limited and what you need is not available. If you have a grinder, all you need is to buy the meat and go home to grind it. This would surely benefit those people who love cooking or hunting.

  1. It is safer.

When you buy ground meat from the supermarket, you will never know what part it is or if it is still fresh. It is possible that the ground meat is already been displayed there for a very long time; this makes it more vulnerable to acquire various bacteria which is not good for the health or much worst can cause food poisoning. Of course, you don’t want that to happen to your family right?

By owning your grinder, you will feel safe that you are serving your family clean food since you are the one who made it and you know the entire process. With those ground meat from the supermarket, you will never know how they are prepared.

  1. It gives better flavor.

You can decide how your ground meat would taste like. You can choose to include more salt or less salt, to have additives or not, and to add the spices you want. Thus, you will make a meal that would suit to your taste and preferences. If you will buy from the supermarket, you will get what is being displayed.

  1. It is healthier.

You can choose to eliminate the fat content of the meat which is good for your health. Aside from that, you can choose not to add preservatives or additives which are harmful for the body. Most of the sausages or processed foods which you can buy from the supermarket are filled with preservatives. You can make your own sausages without the harmful ingredients.

  1. It has better texture.


Some of the available ground meat comes from a meat which is no longer fresh. This is why the texture is not that perfect. But if you own your grinder, you can make sure that the meat is fresh which later on will give a better texture after being cooked. Thus, you will enjoy your meal even more.

  1. It is cost-effective.

It will help you save more. Buying ground meat can be costly. But if you own a grinder, you can save more since all you need is to buy meat; and there are meats out there which are cheaper. In the long run, you will see that it is more practical. If you are a hunter, you will no longer need to buy meat.

  1. It is easy to operate and maintain.

You won’t find meat grinders today which are not easy to use. Most of them are user-friendly. They come with instructions that are easy to comprehend. Thus, there is no training needed for anybody to operate the machine. When it comes to the maintenance, most of the brands of meat grinders come with customer support. It is not a problem to repair your machine in case it fails to work. Sometimes, the company would offer replacement which is really convenient on your part as a consumer.

  1. It lets you try to experiment on various recipes.

Whether you are a professional cook or a novice, you are free to experiment on different recipes using your meat grinder. You can serve delicious breakfast meal with sausages. You can offer scrumptious hamburger during snacks and so on. There are various recipes which you can check online. You can even buy your own cookbook. Some meat grinders would come with a cookbook together with the manual. This can be fun especially if cooking is your passion.

  1. It would look good to any countertop.

Choose your style and color of the meat grinder. It would definitely look good to your countertop. This is a great addition to your kitchen. In fact, because it looks great, you wouldn’t want to keep it inside the cabinet.

If you have a meat grinder, you will soon realize that it’s worth the price. Actually, the price is not an issue. There are many grinders which have cheaper prices. But just make sure that they meet your needs and preferences. Of course, for heavy duty grinders, you should expect that they come with expensive prices. Do your research before you buy so that you can make sure that what you choose is the best one for you.

Who are the people who would best need to buy a meat grinder?


  • Home Users Who Want To Make Their Own Sausages and Burger


If you are one of these people, you should buy a grinder. This will let you make your homemade sausages which you can customize according to your chosen taste and flavor. Sausages from the market may have less quality or filled with additives and fats. There are lots of recipes online from simple sausages to Italian version. If you love to try different meals, a meat grinder is a good choice. Some homeowners would even make sausages and make them as their business. They would sell them so that they can create additional income.

  • Pet Owners Who Want to Make Raw Food for their Pets

If you have lots of pets at home and you are tired of feeding them with pet food, you should own a meat grinder as this can let you create lots of pet food meals. Most of the pet owners would choose to grind meat of the chicken which will serve as the pet’s food. Although there are many issues about feeding the pet with raw food diet, some studies still prove that they are healthy and beneficial for the pet. Again, you can check different recipes for raw pet food online. This will surely make your pet happy and satisfied. As a result, you will also feel the same way.

  • Hunters Who Want to Process Their Own Game Meat

If you are a hunter, you should own your grinder. Right after you have hunted some fresh animal like deer, you will have the control to grind it and cook it according to what you want. This is more convenient to do. You will quickly process the meat which will make you satisfy from what you have worked hard for.

Types of Meat Grinders


  • Manual Meat Grinder

manual meat grinder

This is the cheapest way to enjoy freshly ground meat. However, you need to manually operate it using your hand. This is great if you are not always grinding meat. You can choose to have a bolt-mounted meat grinder. There is also a clamp-mounted grinder that lets you work on your table.

  • Standalone Grinder

standalone grinder

This is great for hunters. They have wider plates, tube, and screw shaft. It is recommended to choose expensive models when you are always grinding. They have reverse function which let you grind big meat, including the bones.

You can also choose to have the stand mixer attachment. Some brands come with their own attachment. Its powerful part is the motor. This is ideal to have if you always make your own sausages at home. It will make the process fast and easy.

There is also a sausage stuffer. This will let you make lots of sausages as you can easily stuff the meat. However, you may need to push the meat which can be a hard work. You just need to choose a meat grinder with stuffing options that work effectively to smoothen the entire process.

Lastly, a meat grinder has lots to offer for a cook enthusiast like you. You just need to choose the right one and you will surely be glad that you have owned one.