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Norpro Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder

Are you sure that when you buy ground meat from the market you are receiving fresh meat? Most probably, it is no because once you’ve bought the meat, you won’t already know which part it is. That’s why, if you really love to cook, you should have a meat grinder for home-use such as Norpro Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder. Below are the reasons why you should own Norpro Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder:

  • It is made of double-tinned cast iron.

It is durable and long lasting. Plus, it can complement to any designs that you have in your kitchen because of its design. It will look magnificent.

  • It is heavy duty.

It is designed for heavy works as it has the capacity to grind 3 pounds of meat per minute. So, it gives you the freedom to grind many meats as you want.

  • It Includes 3 stuffing funnels and 2 grinding disks constructed of high-grade hardened steel.

This gives you the ability to grind nuts, fruits, cheese, and vegetables to create relishes, savory spreads, and pate. If you have this meat grinder, you can experiment cooking the different kinds of recipes.

  • It can be easily attached to the surface.

No matter if you will put it on your countertop, you can easily secure it so that you will have convenience in using the meat grinder.  Furthermore, you won’t also have to worry if it falls down.

  • It is easy to operate and easy to clean.

The Reviews of Different Users

Also you have to do a lot of grinding and pushing to get the meat to push forward through the cutting blades.” eeelroy


I washed all the cutting knifes and parts with holes in it in dishwashing machine and they all came out rusty.” Anthony Babajko  


Took me half an hour and a pint of sweat to grind 2 lbs of hamburg………… rva237


Easy to assemble .. easy to operate .. makes awesome ground beef .. easy to clean afterwards .. after cleaning and drying, I place the grinding knife and plate in canola cooking oil to avoid it rusting between use .. would highly recommend this product over an electric meat grinder. Roger E. Bower

However, here are some of its drawback..

  • It slips on the table sometimes.
  • There are no cutting knife suppliers once the knife is broken.

Where to buy?

One of the best things about this Norpro heavy-duty meat grinder it is very affordable. There are many online stores out there, but you can rely on They offer great deal of this meat grinder. They can ship this to your doorstep which is really convenient.