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Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat Grinder with Shredder and Slicer Kit

Over the years, when it comes to meat grinders for home use, Weston brand is the top of the list when it comes to good quality. Now, they offer Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat Grinder which has a shredder and a slicer kit. You can buy it with a price lower than $100. It isn’t bad at all right? Now, let’s go to its product specification. With this kind of meat grinder, you will be able to grind not just fresh meat but also fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthier you. Plus, you can create lots of sausages anytime you want to.

  • Powerful 200-watt Motor (120V) for faster and stronger grinding.
  • Includes 3-stainless Steel grinding plates and grinding knife.
  • Includes Stuffing Funnel for perfect sausage every time.
  • Forward and Reverse operation.
  • Large grinder tray with larger stomper to safely push meat into the grinder.

The potential negative side:

  • It forms rust easily.
  • It has plastic parts which may break anytime.

Customer Reviews     

Out of 5 stars, it receives 3.1 from

We are from a European background and our grandparents left us with many recipes that require food grinding. Rather than using the manually operated grinder they left us, we searched to find one that would make life easier. The Weston works great! We use it for grinding meats for patties and making sausages, preparing potatoes for various recipes, slicing vegetables, shredding. The quality and performance of this product exceeds our expectations and the service we experienced with Amazon is 100% satisfactory.  Lithuanian Cook (South Carolina)


I have never used an electric meat grinder before, just the hand cranked models, but besides taking up a place on the countertop is just wonderful. Plenty of power to go through even frozen meat. I am actually learning to make sausage since it is so easy to use. Only thing that has happened that I did not expect is that the chrome parts were discolored when I washed them in the dishwasher to sterilize. Dee Emswiler (Oceanside, CA)

Where to buy?

Get this Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat Grinder only from the most reliable online shopping store which is In this way, you will enjoy faster and better customer services as well.